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  • Colleen Keough

Roaring Diva

New Moon in Leo

Mercury square Uranus, North Node, Mars

Venus in Cancer

Roaring Diva

Backstage at a renowned opera house, a woman prepares for her debut performance. It’s opening night, and the highly anticipated production enjoys a full house.

Assistants mill about, helping the young Diva get into costume and character. The bright lights framing the make-up mirror shine upon her, illuminating her distant stare. A soft lilac color paints her face with accents of rouge, pink, and gold above the eyes.

Her headdress and gown are dazzling kinetic sculptures that change hue and dance in a constant flow of motion. She takes a deep breath as the make-up artist applies the final touches, and emerges from her dressing room to wait in the wings for her cue.

The theater is pitch dark, and the audience is silent.

A single sustained note swells, enveloping the crowd. The tone multiplies, breaks into sparks of light, and flies around the venue like a swarm of bees.

Sensations of terror and delight sweeps through the theater. The audience shrieks, laughs, and pop out of their seats as the swirling light-bees dive in playful acrobatics. Never have the viewers seen such inventive, creative technology.

Now center stage, the Diva stands still and quiet. The bees form a mandala of light around her, and the audience gasps. Rainbows of prismatic color flicker as her gown oscillates. Her heart beats wildly in her chest. She takes a beat, looks towards the heavens, and opens her lungs.

Ethereal vocals rip through the theater space. A shocked and bewildered audience takes hold of one another as they witness the birth of a pioneering and revolutionary artist. They revel for the duration, astounded and forever changed.

After the performance, theatergoers leave the venue in stunned-euphoria. Some weep, some smile, some choose not to speak for days.

A roaring Diva is born, and a new trail blazed.

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