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  • Colleen Keough

Shield Maiden

Mercury ingress into Cancer July 5

Mars ingress into Taurus July 5

Mercury sextile Mars July 5

Sun sextile Uranus July 10

Shield Maiden

A tribe of shield maidens collect in a pastoral valley. Across the ocean their homeland is visible, but utterly out of reach. The serene and bucolic landscape where they have set up camp is at complete odds with the boiling emotions and warring temperament that tones the group. They wait for their marching orders.

Heated deliberations concerning a recent grave injustice sweeps across the band of women. For the moment, the maidens’ exiled status weighs heavily upon them. They must patiently wait for the tides to turn. For now, they debate and discuss strategy.

Mercury, the messenger, has just arrived at the Moon's shining Canner lunar temple. They remain in contact with the maidens, gathering intel and transmitting their plight to the great mother goddess.

The maidens grow restless. They’re eager to act swiftly and retaliate against their oppressors. Quarrels break out amongst them concerning the best course of action. They feel powerless, defeated, and betrayed.

In the evening, the women commune and hold ceremony with the goddess. The great goddess reminds them she is omnipresent, and to not allow the horrific actions of a few feral and deranged law-makers throw them off their game.

Meanwhile, inventive and rebellious Uranus and the purpose-driven Sun collude in the sky. An omen that a piece of positive news or sudden auspicious developments are about to illuminate the tribe.

The Shield Maidens chant in unison.

As does the Moon, and so the Sun.

The goddess rises, always.

Again and again.

Star Wisdom for the week: Circumstances may look grim, but remember, all of your shield maiden sisters are out there preparing to fight for equality. Take comfort in knowing that your tribe is larger than it appears. Nurture yourself and others. Rest and reassemble in a safe place. Offer chants to the moon.

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