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  • Colleen Keough

Sweetly Blinded

Mercury, Pluto opposition Mercury, Sun trine Neptune Sun, Pluto, opposition Mercury enters Leo Red Pill Blue Pill It’s late in the evening. We see an open suitcase lying on an unmade bed. The walls drip with reflective sheets of silver that catch Mercury’s glowing, undulating form as they zip around the room gathering items to be packed.

Pluto’s rich dark-roast voice booms over the speakerphone. The device rattles as he spills his guts. Mercury is gobsmacked. Their eyes are wide with disbelief as Pluto performs his emphatic underworld tantrum. Pluto’s got a reputation for keeping things hidden, so this salacious purge is surprising. Mercury is no fool. They’re aware the contents of their private conversation will soon go viral.

Mercury’s dubious about what to believe. The Moon and Neptune dance in the background to a melodious, hypnotic tune. It’s a red pill, blue pill moment, and they’re not sure which one to swallow. They opt to swallow both. One foot wading in the sensitive waters of Cancer, the other in the cool nether regions of Capricorn. Mercury struggles to stay focused as Pluto vomits a stream of toads and lizards. The mobile phone sparks, smolders, and smells of pungent T-Rex breath. Pluto flaunts his power and control over the underworld, making it known that he’s got an agenda, and mercury is the trickster that will relay his message.

Apollo, having witnessed this explosive cellular meltdown, strolls into Mercury’s quarters flashing a beguiling grin. Mercury quickly hangs up with the underworld God and continues packing. Soon, they will be on their way to the Sun’s glinting Leo temple. Free to shake off the clinging lunar sentiments they’ve collected over the past few weeks. Apollo schemes to challenge Pluto to a good old-fashioned arm wrestling match. He’s sensitive to Pluto’s point of view, but even more determined to wield genuine power.

A day later, we see Mercury DJing and dancing for a throng of fans. It feels fantastic to let loose and spin some records. They feel like a kid again. Awake, alive, passionate, and up for absolutely anything.

Star Wisdom for the Week: Let the idiots indulge in temporary power struggles. Get that vinyl out and dance without inhibition to your beloved teenage rock ‘n’ roll idols.

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