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  • Colleen Keough

Joie de vivre


6/12 - 6/21 Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces

6/16 - 6/21 Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces

6/16 - 6/22 Venus in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius

6/18 - 6/22 Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn

Earthy and sensual Venus in Taurus resides in her home garden of delights until the end of the week. I picture her barefoot, wearing a diaphanous white flowing garment as she walks the grounds of her temple, tending to the copious flowering plant, tree, and vegetable life that spills forth in all directions. The air is scented with magnolia and honeysuckle. A warm breeze dances through her hair and golden sunlight shimmers upon her skin. This is where Venus lives. Where her desires take root in body and land. A multi-sensory world of lush satisfaction.

The Sun casts an otherworldly light, bathing her homestead in a dreamy haze of liminal suspension. She finds it hard to focus and is compelled to escape by lounging and daydreaming. She melts into reverie, unsettled yet expectant.

While there have been many parties and pleasures over the past weeks, a sobering presence looms nearby. Venus knows she must leave soon. Mercury has sent message that they eagerly await her arrival. But first, she has work to do. Saturn beckons her to get it together. She has responsibilities and a list of tasks to complete. The question is, how will she use the energy of this imminent square to stern Saturn? Venus likes to take her time these days, but the hourglass is draining. Saturn, now retrograde, has taken a bird's-eye view and is reevaluating the past several months and making adjustments to his master plan. Both parties dwell in their respective domiciles and are dignified. Neither wants to budge.

Venus understands that something has got to give. She must be flexible, especially if she wants to thrive in Mercury's domain in the coming weeks. It's time to get serious about matters of the heart, body, relationships, and finances. Time to curb spending and identify whom she wants to keep in the friend zone and with whom she will share her Netflix password. That waterfall she'd like to install in the back garden may have to wait. It's just not the right time. But the new landscaping friend she has become acquainted with is a keeper, and she may want to get exclusive and put them on retainer. Or perhaps she receives a text from an old flame who’d like to reminisce about the good old days. Regardless, she has her work cut out for her, tidying up and getting the grounds ready and in good shape for her departure.

By the time Venus has satisfied Saturn’s need for order and form, the Plutonic impulse to dig deep and experience the subterranean layers of connection, attraction, self-sufficiency, and empowerment enters the picture. She may even get a message of encouragement or an enticing offer from a powerful ally. After all that hard work, Venus basks in the literal fruits of her success. Her joie de vivre reignited, she invites the locals over for an exquisite impassioned farewell feast, the last hurrah before jetting to Mercurys' lair.

Star Wisdom for the week: Don't cut corners while taking care of business. Do it right. Do it clean. Spend time in the garden, commune with nature. Throw a Venusian themed solstice party, invite the locals. Published on 6/13/22

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