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Enter the wild, Awaken to mystery, Reclaim your story

Life is an odyssey. At one time or another the sure-footed path we’ve traversed can suddenly become rocky, uncertain, and fraught with detours and obstacles. The path may altogether disappear, leaving us in the midst of an expansive and mysterious wilderness. Without any signposts to guide us, we must rely on our wild instincts and intuition to forge ahead and create new pathways. It can be a frightening and uncomfortable experience to say the least. Change is an inevitable and necessary part of life.


Astrology is a phenomenal tool and system for understanding and navigating life's course-corrections. I assist my clients in reclaiming their archetypal story and life-path through empowering them to make choices that reflect their genuine needs, desires, and creative inspiration.


Your birth chart tells the epic story of your life. The triumphs, loves, losses, and challenges. All passages are important. If you are feeling called to enter the wild of your life story and the cosmic theater of astrology, I am happy to be your guide and mentor! Let me show you the way.

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“My six month coaching with Colleen was exactly what I needed to find clarity and overcome the tremendous stumbling block that was paralyzing me. Her compassion and listening skills are matched by her knowledge in astrology and her wisdom. I highly recommend Colleen as a coach, as she will help you free parts of yourself to allow you to spread your wings and take flight…”  

Hélène, Montréal

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