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Wild Creative is Closed.

Wild Creative
is a 5-week experimental workshop exploring artistic production and astrology through digital art, photography, and writing.

We will look through the lens of astrology and use it
s archetypal language for inspiration and as a way to describe and inform our creative work. 

Workshop meets every other Saturday at 11 AM EST
10/22, 11/5, 11/19, 12/13

Students are welcome to explore any themes, styles, or subject matter that interests them. You are not required to make work in every medium mentioned above. You can make singular  works in digital art/collage, photographs, and poetry and prose.
You are also encouraged to pair your visual work with writing, but it is not required. 

This workshop is focused on developing your ideas and your unique artistic path. Emphasis is placed on play, experimentation, and challenging our comfort zones.

Meeting times:
Workshop sessions meet every other week on Saturdays, 11 AM EST.
All sessions will be recorded and available for download.

Early registration by October 1, 2022: $200.
After October 1, 2022: $250.
The price includes the workshop and private mentoring sessions.

Requirements: All you need to join the class is a smartphone with a camera, and a desire to create compelling photographs, digital art works,
and creative writing experiments. 

Included in the workshop:

  • Small class-size. Only 10 participants!

  • Four 30 min private mentoring sessions with Colleen,

       throughout the duration of the workshop.
       We'll discuss your art, your chart, and your artistic goals.


  • Five group sessions with all workshop participants. We will gather together and give one another constructive feedback, discuss artistic strategies, creative ideas, the meanings and intentions of our work, and the formal elements and principles of design. In other words, we will work towards refining our artistic sensibilities to make visually compelling work!

  • Guidance on how to develop concepts and ideas and turn them into a cohesive project or body of work.

  • Introduction to open source digital art editing software. You may also use photoshop if you have it. 

  • Private facebook group for posting our work and getting feedback and guidance along the way.

  • End of workshop Online Group Show!


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