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Thank you for your interest in Wildflower Astrology!


Thank you for your interest and for purchasing an astrological consultation, creative mentoring session, or a workshop!


By purchasing any of my services you acknowledge and agree that you:


  • Have read this entire disclaimer.

  • Understand and Agree with all aspects and details of this disclaimer.

  • Release me of any and all liability for any actions taken and/or not taken.

  • Are a legal adult, at least 18 years of age.


I am legally required to state that my astrological services are for entertainment purposes only.


Wildflower Astrology astrological consultations and services do not constitute nor replace, and should not be regarded as medical, psychological, psychiatric, financial, legal, or any other kind of professional advice or service. If you require professional help or advice, please consult the appropriate licensed professional.


Wildflower Astrology is not responsible for any damages arising from any actions or inactions taken by a client following an astrological reading.


Astrological and Mentoring consultation purchases are non-refundable. Sessions can be rescheduled within 24 hours notice before scheduled appointment. In the case of missed appointments, refunds are not available. Appointment times vary. If you need to reschedule an appointment there may be a wait time between 2- 4 weeks.


Workshop Purchase: If you have purchased a workshop that is cancelled or postponed for any reason. You are welcome to a refund.

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